Don Jae

From a small, old town located at the heart of the Netherlands comes a group of young rockers. This town is Utrecht and their name is Don Jae, formerly known as Jane. The initial idea for the band was formed in the halls of the university, where Anne, Eelke and Sebastian were studying musicology. Inspired by the thriving local music scene the goal was to go back to the 'do-it-yourself' and 'in-your-face' approach of the early rock 'n roll, while tapping into the variety of subgenres that rock and roll involved into over the last decades.

Adding Bouke on drums the boys started rehearsing during the fall of 2014 at the center of the scene, dB Studios, using riffs and songs from past band projects that Sebastian and Eelke were in. The band spent two years of writing songs, playing shows across the country and even organising their own annual festival, during which they were looking for their own place and sound in the genre of rock music. The songs that were picked, rewritten and rehearsed during this time would finally form the basis for their first full-length album called Among The Wolves. In the winter of 2016 Benjamin was added to the line-up as lead singer, and recordings for the project were started with producer Alwin van der Knijff.

Debut Record

Now, after nearly three years since the start of their musical adventures, the band is preparing to emerge from the scene like young hungry wolves, eager for the world to hear what they are up to. From the spoken word opening track 'Among the Wolves' to the closing acoustic ballad 'When the Light Comes My Way', the record takes the listener through a rock 'n roll story of inner doubt unto personal redemption. The record is set to be released this summer, accompanied by singles, music videos and tour dates, starting with the second edition of Among The Wolves Fest on the 10th of june in De Helling, Utrecht. More info about the release and pre-order dates will be announced soon, including tickets and line-up for Among The Wolves Fest II.

From left to right
Benjamin van der Plas (vocals)
Bouke Feddema (drums)
Anne Molenaar (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
Eelke de Gier (bass, vocals)
Sebastian Buurma (lead guitar, backing vocals)

More dates coming soon

Don Jae

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