Don Jae

Don Jae was born in the halls of the university of Utrecht, where Anne, Eelke and Sebastian studied musicology. They found eachother in their desire to go back to the 'do-it-yourself' and 'in-your-face' approach of early rock 'n roll, while tapping into the variety of subgenres that rock and roll has evolved into nowadays.

Adding Bouke on drums, the band spent two years of songwriting, recording demos, playing shows across the country and organising their own festival twice (Among the Wolves Fest). During this time Eelke, beside playing bass, took up the role as singer for the time being. Eventually in late 2016 Benjamin was added to the line-up as the new lead singer, becoming the distinctive and passionate voice for the songs the band had written so far, with Eelke moving to singing the second harmonies. This marked the beginning of the recording of their first full-length album 'Among The Wolves' in collaboration with the young-but-talented producer Alwin van der Knijff. From the raw sounds of the opening track to the acoustic album closer, the record takes the listener on a musical journey.

Debut Record

Eelke about the debut record ‘Among The Wolves’:

“This record is a translation of our experiences growing up as adolescents, finding our own path and becoming who we are today. Most of the songs have a lot of energy with up-tempo beats and crunchy guitars, reflecting both our personal optimistic energy and the sometimes intense society we live in today.

Lyrically the songs are more introspective and are mostly about the thoughts and questions that come from our daily life. We don’t avoid writing about deep and heavy emotions, or big personal questions regarding faith, life and death. In a society that mostly seems to advertise a constant artificial state of happiness these songs are little environments for us where we’re free to express and feel whatever we want, including sadness or doubt.

Ultimately this is, to us, a very positive and hopeful experience which we’ve tried to capture in the final chorus on the record: ‘death is just a way, to say goodbye to the things that could not stay / but my heart has stopped its bleeding, when finally the light has come my way.’ The overall story of the record is about facing our own inner struggles, our own inner wolves, and finding resolution and acceptance of who we are.”

In anticipation of their debut album, the band released their single 'Cold Blood', accompanied by a lyric video for the song 'I Won't Go'. Their debut album 'Among The Wolves' has now been released in spring 2019, accompanied by their single ‘Faith’ for airplay.

From left to right
Benjamin van der Plas (vocals)
Bouke Feddema (drums)
Anne Molenaar (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
Eelke de Gier (bass, vocals)
Sebastian Buurma (lead guitar, backing vocals)

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Don Jae

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